What’s New in Hearing Aid Technology?

THE LATEST HEARING AID technology is evolving, with the top manufacturers working towards continuous improvement and innovation with every new design and microchip platform. Technology from three to five years ago is fine, however, many of the advancements of years past have become standard and are available in virtually every model top manufacturers are bringing to the market today.

The primary goal of manufacturers is to design sleek, powerful, hassle-free, connectivity-enabled hearing aids while, and most importantly, getting the sound as close to one’s natural hearing as possible. From neural studies to research and development labs to real-life trials, manufacturers are developing hearing aids to fit the diverse style and lifestyle needs of patients.

Take a closer look below to see some of the most advanced models available with new technological advancements highlighted.

Phonak Virto B-Titanium Custom

Titanium is a metal known for its strength, durability, and lightweight. Couple that with Phonak’s Belong Platform and you’ll find yourself with a very discreet, fully automatic hearing solution in the form of the Virto B Custom hearing aid. The resulting shell is half the thickness of acrylic custom hearing aids so more technology can fit into the Virto B – Titanium. So THE LATEST HEARING AID is working here for the patient.


Custom Titanium Shell – 50% of the thickness of acrylic shells. Provides a durable, exact custom fit to your ear.

AutoSense OS – Adapts automatically to every sound environment for hearing performance everywhere you go without a need for manual adjustments.

Unitron Moxi Fit R Rechargeable

The Moxi Fit R Rechargeable hearing aid is said to be the smallest 24-hour rechargeable hearing aid solution. It features Unitron’s latest platform release, Tempus. The Moxi Fit™ R is designed to give users a full day of hearing with up to 90 minutes of streaming time on an overnight charge. Traditional zinc-air batteries can be used if needed.


Intelligent SoundCore technology – Tempus’s technology allows four features to work in concert to adapt to various listening environments, even in significant background noise.

Telecoil and Push-Button functionality – A telecoil and push-button offers users the ultimate in connectivity and ease of use when they want to take control.

Lyric by Phonak – The Only 100% Invisible Hearing Aid

Phonak understands that you want the freedom to enjoy your life to the fullest. Maybe you don’t want coworkers and friends to know you have hearing aids. Luckily, you’ve found Lyric by Phonak – the world’s only 100% invisible hearing device that gives you 24/7 hearing and natural sound quality. It’s like a contact lens for your ear!


Hassle Free Solution – No daily cleaning or batteries to replace. Users often forget they’re wearing Lyric.

New Sizes for an Even Better Fit – Lyric now comes in sizes XXS to XXL to fit people who may not have been Lyric candidates in the past.

ReSound LiNX2

The ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids are being called ‘smart hearing aids’ because they connect directly to the iPhone. This means you can hear your phone calls directly in your hearing aids without having to use any other device – they act almost like wireless earphones for the wearer. Not only do they allow for this connection with the iPhone, they also feature a GPS service to help locate the hearing aids should you lose them.


Direct streaming with iPhone – No need to have an extra device, the LiNX2 allows phone calls from our phone to be heard in your hearing aids directly.

ReSound Smart App – Geotag your favorite locations so the hearing aid remembers how it is set, adjust program and volume to your comfort levels.

Signia Siemens Cellion Primax

Cellion primax by Signia is the first wireless hearing aid using lithium-ion inductive-charging technology. While removing the hassle of changing disposable batteries, the hearing aids begin charging automatically simply by placing them in the charging slot. No plugs, no contacts. A magnet guides the hearing aids into perfect inductive charging position.


24-Hour Lithium-Ion Inductive Batteries – Lithium-ion inductive-charging batteries provide users with 24 hours of hearing aid use on a 4-hour charge, with unlimited streaming.

TouchControl App – Allows the user to make adjustments discreetly using any smartphone. You can change volume, program or allow for more bass or treble, all from your phone.

Phonak Audeo B-R

The Phonak Audeo B-R is the first ever all-day, lithium ion, rechargeable hearing aid. Not only does it offer users a fully automatic hearing aid that one can put on and forget about for the rest of the day, the hassle of changing batteries is eliminated. The Audeo B-R includes the latest sound technology platform, Belong, that is changing the way people think about hearing aids and is a good fit for a majority of patients.


Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Hearing Aid – No hassle of changing batteries. 24 hours of hearing with one full charge*. And as a bonus, there is no battery door opening, allowing for an IP68 rating against moisture and dust.

AutoSense OS – The hearing aid startup program. Made up of multiple programs which the hearing aid changes between automatically – no need to press buttons.
* Expected results when fully charged and up to 80 minutes wireless streaming time.

Widex Beyond

The new BEYOND hearing aid from Widex allows users to connect to the world around them. Known for its made for iPhone connectivity, the Beyond series also connects to Android devices using the DEX accessory platform.


BEYOND App – Allows users to adjust volume on two hearing aids individually, choose between clarity of speech and comfort, and set directionality of microphones.

SMARTWIND Manager – Widex claims 30% better speech understanding in wind and that this feature is the best wind noise algorithm in the industry.

Unitron Moxi NOW

A lot of our patients want a hearing aid that is invisible but, one that also connects them to their phone and includes all the features they need. The Moxi NOW is tiny but, still delivers what people need and want, keeping them connected.


Automatic – No buttons, no problem. This hearing aid is self-adjusting depending on the environment in which you are located.

Log It All / Patient Insights – 

    • Tracks your different listening environments and allows for patient input to help your audiologist know where fine tuning is needed during the fitting process.

Signia Siemens Insio IIC

Offering a custom, invisible in the canal (IIC) option, the Signia Insio IIC allows for a discreet hearing aid that still gives you the ability to make adjustments using your smartphone. The app available allows patients to adjust programs and volume at the touch of a button.


HD Music – Since music is different than speech, it needs special attention. This feature helps make music sound more natural whether its live, recorded or the user is performing.

TouchControl App – Allows the user to make adjustments discreetly using any smartphone. You can change volume, program or allow for more bass or treble, all from your phone.



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