Coselgi Unia (4- U-FM Mini) BTE 4 Channels Digital Hearing Aid Bangladesh

৳ 35,000.00


The Coselgi Unia Unia (4-U-FM mini) BTE hearing aid family comes with a number of smart features to give you a comfortable listening experience and help you enjoy the full soundscape of life.
4 Processing Channels
Features: 1. Pairing system have i phone and Android phones.
2.Tinnitus Masker Facility
3. True ISP Platform, Wireless connectivity via , True Input Technology, Omni or Fixed Directional Microphone, Noise Reduction (Minimal),Static Feedback Cancelling, 3 Listining Programs, IE Volume/ Program Shift, Basic Sensogram, Manual Acclimatization.
4. 2 Years Warranty.
5. Battery size =312



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