Vibe P4 (Former Siemens) Digital Programmable 4 channel Hearing Aid Bangladesh

৳ 20,000.00


Vibe P4 (Former Siemens) Digital Programmable 4 channel BTE  Hearing Aid .

Brand: Vibe (Former Siemens) Germany

Type : BTE

Aid Placement: Behind The Ear.

Model Name: Vibe p4

1. Provides superior sound quality with low distortion
2. Highly advanced feedback cancellation system
3. 100% digital signal processing chip
4. Microphone background noise abatement
5. Push button hearing mode selection
6. Uses Size 13 Zinc Air Batteries
7. Excellent feedback elimination system
8. Ready-To-Wear New robust design
9. Mini Size
10. Moisture-Resistant
11. Rocker volume control
12. For use in either ear
13. Includes 3 ear tips (sizes: small, medium, and large)
14.  Gain 62dBm Output 130dB
15. 4 Channel 3 programs
16.For Moderate to Severe Flat, Slight Slope and Sloping hearing loss.
17.On and Off done through Battery Door



Product description

Vibe P4 BTE (behind-the-ear) offers the latest hearing aid digital technology at value for money. Designed with your comfort and ease of use in mind, the Vibe P4 offers our highest range of amplification to support moderate to severe levels of hearing loss. It sits easily behind the ear, with a sleek coupling tube and earpiece placed comfortably in the ear canal. The entire device features nanocoated housing to repel water and prevent moisture damage, so you can wear your Vibe P4 with the reassurance that it will hold up under normal situations of moisture contact.


Units in the package

1 VIBE P4, 100% Digital Programmable, Mini Size, Super High Power, Behind-the-Ear, hearing aid

1 User Manual

13 battery free for 6 month.(1 strip)

3 different size ear plugs to fit your ear

1 carrying case

2 Years Replacement  Warranty


Made in Germany.

Former Siemens Medical Instruments.



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