Siemans Insio 3px CIC 24 Channel Digital Hearing Aid Profound HL Bangladesh

৳ 135,000.00


24 Channel CIC Insio 3px Completely In The Canal Custom Hearing Aid models offer true binaural capabilities.
Fully featured,
it provide almost all options to cover any individual need.
Optional Third generation e to e wireless.
Binaural One Mic Directionalality to ensure the best possible binaural listening performance.
Tinnitus Therapy.
Optional Direct audio input.
Fitting range upto 100dB. Gain upto 65dB.
Battery Size 10.
Power consumption 1.1mA.
Digital Technology.
Output upto 124dBSPL.
24 Channel Directionality.
Remote controlled.
Touch Control App for self controlling.
Wireless CROS BICROS programming.
Optional volume control.



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