Siemens Vibe Nano 8 IIC (Germany Made) Channel -8, Hearing Aid In Bangladesh- Brown

৳ 32,000.00


Prompt P is a BTE type digital hearing aid. Manufactured by Siemens brand Signia. Suitable for Moderate to Severe flat, sloping and reverse sloping hearing loss. Fitting Range upto 110dBHL. Maximum Gain upto 70dB. Output upto 134dBSPL. Battery Size 13. Power Consumption 1.4mA. Total 8 Channels and 4 compression controls. 4 separate hearing Programs. Standard Pushbutton. Battery door ON/Off function. Volume control, Telecoil, Life Tubes etc. Optional Audio Input. Directional microphones to ensure the best possible listening performance. Robust and reliable housing.



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