Siemens Vibe Mini 8 CIC 8-C Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh

৳ 35,000.00


Siemens Vibe Mini 8 CIC 8-C Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh

The Siemens Vibe Mini 8 CIC 8-Channel Hearing Aid is a cutting-edge device designed to enhance and improve the hearing experience for individuals with hearing impairments. This discreet, comfortable, and high-performance hearing aid is packed with advanced features to provide exceptional sound quality and personalized amplification.

With its CIC (Completely-in-the-Canal) design, the Siemens Vibe Mini 8 sits discreetly within the ear canal, making it virtually invisible to others. This design ensures a comfortable fit and prevents wind noise or feedback, allowing users to wear it comfortably throughout the day.

Equipped with 8 channels, this hearing aid offers precise sound processing capabilities. The channels allow for individual adjustment of different frequencies, enabling a personalized hearing experience tailored to the user’s specific needs. This feature ensures optimal sound clarity and speech understanding, even in challenging listening environments.

The Siemens Vibe Mini 8 CIC utilizes advanced technology to reduce background noise and enhance speech intelligibility. Its intelligent noise reduction feature helps suppress unwanted sounds, allowing users to focus on conversations and important sounds in their surroundings. This technology ensures a clearer and more natural listening experience.

Additionally, the Vibe Mini 8 CIC incorporates feedback cancellation technology to eliminate annoying whistling or feedback sounds that can occur with hearing aids. This ensures a comfortable and seamless listening experience without interruptions.

The device is equipped with advanced signal processing algorithms and automatic sound adjustment capabilities. It continuously analyzes the environment and adjusts sound settings accordingly, optimizing the user’s hearing experience in various listening situations.

The Siemens Vibe Mini 8 CIC is designed for easy and intuitive operation. It features a simple control system, allowing users to adjust volume levels or switch between different listening programs with ease. The hearing aid can also be connected wirelessly to compatible devices, such as smartphones or televisions, for convenient streaming of audio content.

Overall, the Siemens Vibe Mini 8 CIC 8-Channel Hearing Aid combines advanced technology, discreet design, and user-friendly features to deliver exceptional sound quality and enhanced hearing for individuals with hearing loss. It offers a personalized and comfortable solution for improved communication and a better quality of life.


Vibe Mini 8 (Former Siemens) Digital Programmable 8 channel CIC  Hearing Aid .

  1. Brand: Vibe (Former Siemens) Germany.
  2. Type : Mini CIC.
  3. Aid Placement: Invisible in The Ear.
  4. .Model Name: Vibe Mini 8.
  5. .Type : CIC (Completely  in the Canal).
  6. Channels : 8.
  7. .Bands     : 12.
  8. Gain : CIC – 50 dB.
  9. Fitting Range : CIC – 00 – 90dB.
  10. Battery Size : CIC – 10.
  11. Manufactured By : Sivantos (Former siemens).
  12. Made By : Germany.
  13. Hearing Check-up & Hearing Aid Trail is free.


Additional information


Siemens Vibe Mini 8 CIC


8 channels

Hearing Aid Style

Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

Fitting Range

Suitable for mild to moderately-severe hearing loss

Processing Technology

Advanced digital signal processing

Noise Reduction

Yes, advanced noise reduction system for improved speech clarity in noisy environments

Feedback Cancellation

Yes, effective feedback cancellation system to reduce whistling or squealing sounds

Directional Microphones

Dual directional microphones for improved speech understanding in different listening situations

Volume Control

Adjustable volume control for personalized listening experience


Multiple listening programs for different environments (e.g., quiet, noisy, music, telephone)


Built-in telecoil for compatibility with telephones and loop systems

Bluetooth Connectivity

Yes, Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming from compatible devices (e.g., smartphones, TVs)

Battery Type

Uses size 10 hearing aid batteries

Battery Life

Long battery life for extended usage


Compact and discreet design for a comfortable fit in the ear canal


Easy-to-use controls for adjusting settings and switching between programs

Moisture Resistance

Moisture-resistant coating to protect the hearing aid from damage caused by sweat and humidity


Compatible with various accessories and assistive listening devices

Tinnitus Masking

Optional tinnitus masking feature to help alleviate ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears


Manufacturer's warranty for a specified period



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