STARKEY (U.S.A Made) X Series 70 BTE\RIC\CIC 8 Channel Hearing Aid In Bangladesh

৳ 112,000.00


The Starkey X series is available at three different technology levels and in a multitude of different product formats from small ITE (in the ear) hearing aids to some stylish BTE (behind the ear) products.

Although the lowest of the thee technology levels the X series 70 does incorporate some excellent sound processing algorithms, as well as being a wireless enabled hearing aid. This means that some of the products within the range can be paired through Bluetooth technology to a number of Starkey’s wireless accessories. This can be a link to some household devices that we all use in our day to day life, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, televisions or even some desk phones. This is fast replacing the historic telecoil used to link hearing aid to loop systems and it is worthwhile checking to see how you can take advantage of this excellent system.

Inside the hearing there is a very good chip platform that is shared across all technology levels, though in differing configurations. The series 70 has an eight channel processor which will be a more than adequate basis to enable the hearing aid audiologist to programme the aid to the frequency profile and gain amplification required for your specific hearing loss.

A very good product from one of the world’s foremost hearing aid manufacturers.

In summary: The X Series is Starkey’s most advanced line of digital hearing aids boasting all the performance features and options you could possibly want, including Voice iQ2 a leading noise reduction and speech preservation system. The X Series 70 also includes an enhanced feedback eliminator.


Key Features

>8 channels and 8 bands

           >Up to 4 memories

 >Selective speech and noise management

 >Basic background noise control

>Self Learning

>Enhanced Feedback Eliminato

>Directional microphones

>Tone and voice indicators

>Interest free credit available.



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