Widex Moment (MRB2D) 110 RIC 6 channel Rechargeable Hearing aid BD

/, WIDEX/Widex Moment (MRB2D) 110 RIC 6 channel Rechargeable Hearing aid BD

Widex Moment (MRB2D) 110 RIC 6 channel Rechargeable Hearing aid BD

৳ 85,000.00

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Widex Moment  (MRB2D) 110 RIC 4 channel Rechargeable Hearing aid .

6 Processing Channel

Traditional Receiver-in-canal (RIC) form factor,

whereby the hearing aids sit comfortably and discreetly behind your ear.

These hearing aids are are made-for-smartphones so you can stream calls,

music, and other audio directly through your hearing aids.

Moment 110 hearing aids utilize a 312 battery that will need replacing every week.

Broadband Locater,U Platform,

Widex wireless Connectivity, Preference Control,

Noise Reduction Minimal,

1 Sound Class technology,

Front Focus Mode,

2 Years Warranty

Widex MOMENT Features

Widex MOMENT Features Widex MOMENT Benefits
PureSound Program Provides an easily recognised and transparent sound for first time users with mild hearing loss.
TruSound Acoustics Provides a more natural and personalised sound for each individual ear.
SoundSense Learn An App feature which lets you select your preferred sound experience anywhere, anytime.
SoundSense Adapt Trains the feature sets to your listening needs via an onboard control, DEX or App.
Wind Noise Attenuation Better speech understanding and comfort in windy and outdoor conditions.
High Frequency Boost Improved music appreciation, and ability to hear high pitched sounds, e.g. birds.
Impact Program Personalised program if you want a sharper, crisper overall sound.
Speech Enhancer Best speech understanding in noise through accurate and instant enhancement of speech to focus on the dominant voice in the crowd.
Digital Pinna Provides natural sound in quiet environments by directing sounds into the ear.
Trusound Softener Ensures sudden sounds are heard comfortably, and are not jarring or harsh.
Directional Focus Enables you to focus on speech from behind or either side. Useful in situations like the car.
Made for iPhone Streams phone calls and audio directly from an iPhone to your hearing aid.
Noise Reduction Reduces background noise to enhance listening comfort.
Soft Level Noise Reduction Improves listening comfort by reducing sounds like a humming fridge or fan.
True Input Technology Improved speech understanding and sound quality, without distortion, even in very loud situations.
Feedback Cancelling Uninterrupted listening – no annoying whistling from the hearing aid.
Zen+ Multiple programs of soothing chimes and tones which help you manage your tinnitus.
SmartSpeak Your hearing aid will tell you when you when to change battery or tell you the program you are on.
Audibility Extender A solution for dead regions of the cochlear, to hear important speech sounds like “S”.
Sound classes Automatically detects your listening environment.
Processing channels For a more customised fitting to your audiogram.
Fine-tuning Parameters Integrate the aid features in each sound class for a more personal listening experience.
High Definition Locator Finer and better isolation of speech when it’s noisy to focus on the speech in front of you and reduce the background noise.


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