Widex Unique 30 CIC, 4 Channel Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh

৳ 35,000.00


Widex Unique 30 CIC, 4 Channel Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh

Widex Unique 30 CIC, 4 Channel Hearing Aid Price 35000/- taka in Bangladesh. The “Widex Unique 30 CIC, 4 Channel Hearing Aid” is a discreet and advanced hearing aid device designed to assist individuals with hearing loss. It is a Completely-in-Canal (CIC) style hearing aid that offers four channels for personalized sound processing and customization. The device is intended to provide improved hearing capabilities and enhance the overall listening experience.

  1. 4 Processing Channels.
  2. Broadband Locater,U Platform.
  3. Widex wireless Connectivity, Preference Control.
  4. Noise Reduction Minimal.
  5. 1 Sound Class technology.
  6. Front Focus Mode.
  7. 3 Listening Program.
  8. Smart Speak, IE Volume/ Program Shift.
  9. Smart Tone.
  10. Acclimatization.
  11. Classic Speed Compression.
  12. Compatible with RC Dex/ TV Dex/ Cross/Bicross.
  13. 2 Years Warranty.
  14. Category: Wide.

Additional information


Completely-in-Canal (CIC)


4 channels for precise sound processing


Advanced digital technology for optimal performance

Speech Enhancement

Enhances speech clarity for better understanding

Noise Reduction

Reduces background noise for a clearer listening experience


Sleek and discreet design for maximum comfort


May feature wireless connectivity for audio streaming and remote control

Battery Life

Varies depending on usage and battery type


Compatible with a range of accessories for additional functionality


Can be programmed and personalized to individual hearing needs.



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