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Vibe Basic P4 Hearing Aid

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Powerful, behind-the-ear hearing aids for those with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Powerful, intelligent sound processing

Superior automatic noise reduction helps decrease background noise so that you can hear what matters.

Our key features:

Clear sound
Our devices provide clear sound, optimized for speech and voices

Registered medical device
So you know it meets safety and performance requirements

Easily controlled with your smart phone
You can adjust the volume, bass, and treble yourself on the Vibe app, whenever you want

Personalized to your hearing
Create your own hearing profile according to your needs

1-year warranty
We offer 1-year warranty for our hearing aids.

Vibe App
The Vibe App is an easy way to remote control your hearing aids from your smartphone. Conveniently adjust volume, sound balance and hearing direction anytime, anywhere with a tap of your finger.

Vibe Basic P4 Hearing Aid
৳ 0.00