Widex CIC MICRO (NON-WIRELESS) M CIC M 330 Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh

Original price was: ৳ 350,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 330,000.00.

The Widex CIC MICRO M CIC M 330 tackles hearing loss discreetly. This comfortable, non-wireless CIC aid offers core features like speech enhancement and noise reduction. It has multiple programs for different settings and manual volume control (on some models). This option prioritizes discretion and control over smartphone connectivity.


Widex CIC MICRO (NON-WIRELESS) M CIC M 330 Hearing Aid Price 3,30,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Widex CIC MICRO (NON-WIRELESS) M CIC M 330 Hearing Aid: Technical Specifications

The Widex CIC MICRO (NON-WIRELESS) M CIC M 330 is a mid-range (level 330) Completely-In-Canal (CIC) hearing aid designed for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss who prefer a discreet in-ear solution and don’t require wireless connectivity. Here’s a look at the key technical details:

  • Style: Completely-In-Canal (CIC) – fits deep within the ear canal for maximum discretion
  • Platform: Potentially an earlier WIDEX platform (not MOMENT™)
  • Sound Processing: Advanced processing with likely fewer channels than MOMENT™ aids (exact number not specified)
  • Connectivity: No wireless connectivity (Bluetooth or WidexLink)
  • Battery: Size 10 (depending on model variant)
  • Durability: IP rating not publicly available (dust and water resistance information may be limited)
  • Features (expected):
    • Speech Enhancer for improved speech clarity
    • High-frequency boost for better audibility of high-pitched sounds (optional)
    • Noise reduction to manage background noise
    • Multiple programs for different listening situations (potentially fewer options compared to MOMENT™)
    • Manual volume control (may vary depending on model)

Widex CIC MICRO M CIC M 330: Balancing Discretion with Core Features (NON-WIRELESS)

The Widex CIC MICRO (NON-WIRELESS) M CIC M 330 prioritizes a near-invisible CIC design for those seeking a discreet solution to manage hearing loss. While it doesn’t utilize the latest WIDEX MOMENT™ platform, it offers advanced sound processing capabilities at a mid-range level.

Similar to the M CIC M 440, the key difference lies in the lack of wireless connectivity. This means no smartphone connection or app control. However, the CIC MICRO M CIC M 330 focuses on core features to enhance your hearing experience. Speech enhancement helps you understand conversations better, while noise reduction filters out unwanted background noise. With multiple programs for various environments, you can adjust the hearing aid to different listening situations. Additionally, a high-frequency boost (optional) can improve the audibility of high-pitched sounds for those who need it. Manual volume control allows for on-the-go adjustments (availability might vary depending on the specific model).

The CIC MICRO M CIC M 330 prioritizes comfort and practicality. The size 10 battery (depending on model) offers flexibility, and while the IP rating information might be limited, the overall build is likely sturdy. This hearing aid is a suitable option for those who value discretion, prioritize manual control over app-based adjustments, and don’t require advanced wireless features.

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110 Hours

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