Widex MOMENT ВТЕ Kit MBR3D 220 Hearing aid Price in Bangladesh

Original price was: ৳ 360,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 340,000.00.

The Widex MOMENT BTE Kit MBR3D 220 hearing aid is available in Bangladesh for 3,40,000/- taka. This high-quality device provides excellent sound clarity and comfort. Perfect for those seeking reliable and advanced hearing solutions, it combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek design for an optimal hearing experience.


Widex MOMENT ВТЕ Kit MBR3D 220 Hearing aid Price 3,40,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Widex MOMENT™ BTE Kit MBR3D 220 Hearing Aid: Technical Information

Unfortunately, I cannot find the specific technical information for the Widex MOMENT™ BTE Kit MBR3D 220 hearing aid. However, based on the product name, here’s what I can glean:

  • Widex MOMENT™: This likely refers to the product family or platform that this hearing aid belongs to.
  • BTE: This stands for Behind-The-Ear, indicating the style of the hearing aid. It sits behind the ear with a tube that channels amplified sound into the ear canal.
  • MBR3D: This might be a specific model number or code for this particular variation within the MOMENT™ family.
  • 220: This could indicate a certain battery size or power level.

Widex MOMENT™ BTE Kit MBR3D 220 Hearing Aid: A Detailed Look

Without access to the exact specifications, here’s a general description of what the Widex MOMENT™ BTE Kit MBR3D 220 hearing aid could be:

The Widex MOMENT™ BTE Kit MBR3D 220 is a behind-the-ear hearing aid designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. It likely amplifies sounds and makes them clearer for the wearer. This BTE style rests comfortably behind the ear and transmits amplified sound through a thin tube that sits in the ear canal.

Possible features may include:

  • Multiple program settings: These programs might allow for customization in different listening environments, like noisy restaurants or quiet settings.
  • Directional microphones: These microphones focus on sounds coming from in front of the wearer, reducing background noise.
  • Wireless connectivity: The hearing aid might connect to smartphones or other devices for streaming audio or making adjustments.
  • Telecoil setting: This setting allows the user to connect to loop systems in public places like theaters or houses of worship for improved sound quality.

Benefits of using a BTE hearing aid:

  • Comfortable for long-term wear, especially for people who wear glasses.
  • Easier to handle and adjust compared to in-the-ear styles.
  • Often suitable for a wider range of hearing loss levels.

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Li-ion 13

Battery life

30 Hours

Fitting Range