Widex MOMENT RIC 10 MRB0 440 Hearing aid Price in Bangladesh

Original price was: ৳ 500,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 450,000.00.

Information on Widex MOMENT RIC 10 MRB0 440 limited. It might offer basic amplification for various hearing losses, but lacks advanced features like Widex’s PureSound technology. Consult a hearing professional or Widex for details.


Widex MOMENT RIC 10 MRB0 440 Hearing aid Price 4,50,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Widex MOMENT RIC 10 MRB0 440 Hearing Aid: Information Disclaimer

Unfortunately, due to the lack of “MRB2D” in the model name, it’s difficult to confirm the exact technical specifications of the Widex MOMENT RIC 10 MRB0 440 hearing aid. The “MRB2D” designation seems to be a common identifier within the MOMENT RIC product line from Widex.

However, based on the existing MOMENT RIC models and general hearing aid features, here’s a possible breakdown and a general description:

Possible Technical Information:

  • Design: Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) style with a discreet behind-the-ear body and a receiver that sits comfortably in the ear canal.
  • Performance Level: 440, which is suitable for people with mild to severe hearing loss.
  • Battery: Likely size 312 disposable battery (common amongst RIC aids).
  • Features: This information is uncertain without confirmation from Widex or an authorized retailer. It might include:
    • Basic sound processing: While lacking the “PureSound” technology advertised in MRB2D models, it may offer basic amplification and noise reduction.
    • Limited adjustability: Program changes and personalization might be minimal or absent.
    • Telecoil (uncertain): It’s unclear if this model includes a telecoil for public loop systems.

General Description:

The Widex MOMENT RIC 10 MRB0 440 hearing aid is a possibility within the MOMENT RIC family. Due to the missing “MRB2D” identifier, it likely lacks some of the advanced features found in other MOMENT RIC models, such as the PureSound Technology with ZeroDelay Pathway and TruAcoustic™ personalization.

This translates to a potentially simpler hearing aid solution with basic amplification for those with mild to severe hearing loss. Anpassability and program options may also be limited. It’s important to note that this is just an educated guess without concrete information about the MRB0 designation.


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Battery life

100 Hours

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