Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 110 Hearing aid Price in Bangladesh

Original price was: ৳ 120,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 95,000.00.

Widex MOMENT RIC 110 offers subtle amplification for very mild hearing loss, prioritizing natural sound. Limited features and programs keep it simple, but durability makes it a discreet choice for quiet settings.


Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 110 Hearing aid Price 95,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 110 Hearing Aid: Technical Specifications

  • Design: Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) style with a discreet behind-the-ear body and a receiver that sits comfortably in the ear canal.
  • Performance Level: 110, which is suitable for people with very mild hearing loss or those with specific needs in quiet environments.
  • Battery: Size 312 disposable battery.
  • Features:
    • PureSound Technology with ZeroDelay Pathway: Designed to eliminate the processing delay found in traditional hearing aids, resulting in a more natural sound quality.
    • Limited adjustability: While some level of personalization might be available, it will likely be restricted compared to higher-tier models.
    • Possible basic program options: May offer a program or two for specific situations (e.g., quiet environment).
    • Telecoil (availability unconfirmed): It’s unclear if the specific MRB2D 110 model includes a telecoil for public loop systems. This information should be confirmed during purchase.
    • IP68-rated: Dust and water resistant for added durability.

Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 110: A Discreet Option for Very Mild Hearing Loss

The Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 110 hearing aid is designed for individuals with very mild hearing loss or those who experience difficulty hearing specifically in quiet environments. The core function revolves around the PureSound Technology with ZeroDelay Pathway, which targets a more natural-sounding amplification experience.

Due to the targeted level of hearing loss, adjustments and functionalities may be limited on the MOMENT RIC MRB2D 110. It likely offers minimal to no personalization options and might have just a basic program or two for specific situations. Telecoil compatibility for public loop systems may also be absent in this model, so confirmation during purchase is crucial.

While feature-limited, the MOMENT RIC MRB2D 110 offers a discreet and potentially cost-effective solution for those with minimal hearing loss. The IP68 dust and water resistance rating ensures durability in everyday use. It’s important to consult with a hearing healthcare professional to determine if the MOMENT RIC MRB2D 110 is the most suitable option for your specific hearing needs. They can assess your hearing loss level and advise on features that best align with your requirements.

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165 Hours

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