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Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 Hearing Aid

৳ 360,000.00

Experience the pinnacle of auditory clarity with the Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 Hearing Aid, priced at ৳3,60,000 in Bangladesh. This cutting-edge device seamlessly blends sophisticated technology with sleek design, delivering a premium hearing solution. Enjoy a world of natural sound and personalized comfort, as the Widex MOMENT redefines your hearing experience. Elevate your lifestyle with the assurance of clear, crisp sounds, tailored to your unique needs.

Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 Hearing Aid Price 3,60,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 Hearing Aid, a revolutionary device designed to redefine your auditory experience. Priced at 3,60,000/- taka in Bangladesh, this cutting-edge hearing aid is crafted by Widex, a leading name in the world of auditory solutions.

The MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 boasts state-of-the-art technology that goes beyond traditional hearing aids. It features the latest advancements in sound processing, ensuring unparalleled clarity and natural sound reproduction. The device is equipped with Widex’s groundbreaking ZeroDelay technology, which eliminates the delay in sound transmission, providing users with a seamless and instantaneous auditory experience.

Designed for comfort and discretion, the MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 is a Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) model, ensuring a sleek and inconspicuous profile. The discreet design doesn’t compromise on performance, as it delivers exceptional sound quality in various environments. Whether you’re in a quiet room or a bustling street, this hearing aid adapts to your surroundings, providing optimal hearing in every situation.

One of the standout features of this device is its SmartSound IQ technology, which automatically adjusts the settings based on the listening environment. This ensures that you receive the best possible sound quality without the need for manual adjustments. Additionally, the MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 offers a wide range of connectivity options, allowing seamless integration with smartphones and other compatible devices for a truly connected experience.

Widex prioritizes user comfort, and the MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 is no exception. With its ergonomic design and advanced feedback cancellation, users can enjoy extended wear without discomfort or annoying feedback sounds. The hearing aid is also equipped with a long-lasting battery, ensuring reliable performance throughout the day.

Invest in your auditory well-being with the Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 Hearing Aid – a testament to innovation, comfort, and uncompromising sound quality. Priced at 3,60,000/- taka, it represents a worthwhile investment in a world-class hearing solution.



Battery Size


Battery Life (in Hrs)


Fitting Range dB HL

0-115 dB

Widex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 Hearing AidWidex MOMENT RIC MRB2D 330 Hearing Aid
৳ 360,000.00