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Relax – Tinnitus Relief

Did you know an estimated 50 million Americans experience tinnitus? Relax is a tinnitus app developed by Starkey Hearing Technologies that includes 12 different relief sounds designed to decrease the loudness or prominence of tinnitus and provide personalized relief.

  • All 12 relief sounds can be customized to your unique tinnitus and saved.
  • Users can stream relief sounds directly to Made for iPhone hearing aids via an Apple device or directly to 900 MHz wireless hearing aids via SurfLink Mobile.
  • Relax includes comprehensive tinnitus education about symptoms, causes, treatments and solutions as well as a way to reach a hearing professional for additional consultation via our Appointment Booking Call Center.

SoundCheck Hearing Test

Just how loud is that restaurant? SoundCheck is a hearing screener and sound level meter app that allows you to measure environmental noise levels. You can quickly evaluate your own hearing and determine if it is within a normal range or if you have potential hearing loss.

  • See your hearing results in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Your screening results can be saved to track changes over time and to discuss further with a qualified hearing professional.
  • Noise Check can measure the noise levels of your current location.

TruLink Hearing Control

Easily stream phone calls, music and more directly to your hearing aids. TruLink seamlessly connects your Made for iPhone Hearing Aids to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with pristine sound.

  • Answer phone calls and hear the entire conversation streamed directly into your Made for iPhone Hearing aid via Bluetooth technology.
  • Personalize and geotag hearing aid settings to match what you do and where you go.
  • Easily control your hearing aid volume and memory settings via your iPhone.

Hear Coach Listening Games

Love games? Hear Coach is a suite of listening games developed by Starkey that challenge both your cognitive and auditory sharpness.

  • Listening games designed for people who might have a hearing loss or hearing aid wearers who want to get the most out of their listening.
  • Track your progress over time and unlock more challenging levels as your performance improves.
  • Different background noises within each of the levels helps you to train your auditory system in different environments.
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