Currently, the price of hearing aid in Bangladesh has started from only 20000 taka and the highest taka is 300,000 .

Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh

How Much Do Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh?

The Price of a Hearing aid in Bangladesh Depends on the level of Hearing technology you need to support your lifestyle. Also, like your eyesight, your hearing is unique, so your ears need a suitable hearing enhancement solution.
We have the expertise and applied past knowledge to connect you with hearing aids through advanced technology hearing aids. It is programmed depending on the specific needs of the hearing aid user.

Also, the services you see on this page are our best service packages. Which includes the following services:

  1. Free expert Audiologist advice over Mobile, email, and online or social media platforms.
  2. Up to 1/2/3 year warranty on all hearing aids devices.
  3. Up to ten free hearing aid service appointments with your hearing care provider at any time.
  4. Personalized hearing care from our hearing consultants and local hearing care providers in Bangladesh.

Hearing aids play an important role in improving your quality of life, so it is very important that you carefully consider all of your hearing options. Like buying a smartphone or TV, different brands and levels of technology hearing aid are available at different prices.

On an average, people spend around taka.5,00,000/- to taka.8,00,000/- for a pair of advanced hearing aids.Hearing Aid Price in Bangladesh for January 2023 is between Tk 15,000/- to 8,000,00/-. Included are the top three brands (Widex, Coselgi, Siemens Vibe) for basic, intermediate, and advanced level hearing aids.

Entry-level hearing devices are great if you are hard of hearing and if you want to hear with your ears. If you want to be socially active, professionally more productive, and more connected to people, you will benefit greatly from using advanced technology hearing aids.

What is the hearing aid technology Level and price ranges in Bangladesh?

There are three main technology levels of hearing aids, which meet the needs of people with mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss. The three levels differ in terms of features and design.The chart below highlights the differences between these three tiers and provides a precise overview of the technology present with each tier’s price range.

Whether premium, mid-range, or basic-range hearing aids, all of our hearing aids offer excellent sound quality, optimal speech clarity, As well as providing feedback and removing background noise reduction.


Which Type of Hearing aid technology is right for me?

When we think about levels of hearing assistive technology, we have to consider two main factors:

The first is your lifestyle : If you work among many people or engage in social activities most of the time, Then you need an advanced technology hearing device. which provides you with excellent noise reduction and has a directional microphone. Through which you can easily hear and understand clear speech.

The second is the technical requirements : If you’re looking to get a state-of-the-art hearing aid, you’ll get more customizable benefits than a basic model. This means you have more control over the hearing aid and You will hear better-quality sound. Also, advanced technology devices can be controlled via Bluetooth connection from the smartphone’s app. Advanced hearing aids have 8 features. From which you can benefit. This Features are:

  1. Mend feedback management.
  2. Automated adjustment system.
  3. High quality Bluetooth connectivity.
  4. Binaural processing system.
  5. Smartphone connectivity system.
  6. Device control facility via hearing aid app.
  7. Tinnitus masking features are Available.
  8. Customized frequency response system.

Advanced hearing aids include all the features and functionality associated with basic models. However, advanced hearing aids have more features than basic hearing aids.The functionality of these shared features is much greater.

Most of our customers purchase mid-range or premium-level hearing devices. Because these devices provide better quality features and practical benefits. Which makes their life easier. Knowing what kind of hearing aid you need requires knowing more about your hearing situation, your personal needs, and your preferences. If you can listen, we will be very happy. We’ll help you find the right hearing device for your hearing situation and budget.

In many cases, patients purchase devices that are not relevant to the patient’s needs. As a result, they become depressed, they do not take the advice of experts to get rid of this depression. Proper advice, proper cleaning of the hearing aid, and proper positioning of the hearing device can give positive results for listening and talking.


Which level of hearing aid technology works best with which type of hearing loss?

Which level of hearing aid technology works best with which type of hearing lossWhat level of hearing aid technology will work best for you depends on the type of hearing loss you have.There are three basic categories of hearing loss. These are sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, and mixed hearing loss.

Here are the three levels of hearing aid devices. These are 1. Basic Level, 2. Mid-range, and 3. Premium Level.Let’s take a look at what you can expect from these three tiers.

1.A more detailed understanding of hearing ‍aid technology levels, Explanation of Premium Level Hearing Aids :

Premium-level hearing aids provide advanced hearing technology for your ears. They can automatically reduce background noise and come equipped with more advanced versions of features found in the basic and mid-range tiers, such as advanced speech-processing algorithms.

By using this type of hearing aid, you will be able to hear clearly and understand every word. Whether you’re in a crowd, or in a meeting, premium technology hearing aids will help you hear and understand speech clearly.
The ‍a statistic shows that a hearing device user in Bangladesh spends between taka 1,00,000/- to taka 8,00,000/- for a premium level hearing device.

These premium hearing Aids are designed to address the maximum complicated sound conditions and deliver most appropriate speech clarity and the maximum natural sound. At this stage hearing aids will simply paintings as a pair, determining how sound is processed to offer the nice hearing feasible.

Premium Level Hearing Technology feature at a Glance :

  1. A very active device.
  2. Works automatically in all environments.
  3. Allows speech to be heard clearly and offers the most natural sound.
    4.360-degree sound listening facility.
  4. A rechargeable device.
  5. It can be controlled from mobile via bluetooth system.
  6. Direct wireless system devices.
  7. Why is premium-level Hearing technology advantageous for you?

In addition to allowing you to hear clearly, premium technology hearing aids, Gives the ability to move from one place to another. These devices are fully automated and fully featured. Which means they do all the work to get you to listen. When you enter a certain environment, your hearing aid will automatically analyze your surroundings and adjust accordingly.

You can also manually program the hearing device and save your favorite settings. As a result, you get the best listening experience wherever you go.

Surround sound for your :

This device provides the 360-degree sound as a hearing aid with advanced technology. This means that if someone is talking behind you, you don’t have to turn your head to listen to them. You can listen to him from your location.
And this method is called “binaural processing.”

Binaural interaction approaches basically evaluate how the auditory machine processes the interaural time or depth difference of 1 auditory occasion supplied to each ears. In situations where sounds and voices are coming to your ears from around you. Binaural processing lets you hear the most important speaker’s voice while simultaneously reducing background noise.

The wireless streaming facility of Advanced level hearing aid :

Premium-level hearing aids make your life hassle-free by connecting wirelessly to your electronic devices, either directly or via a pocket-sized accessory. Want to hear your loved one clearly while talking on your smartphone or watching your favorite TV show? You can stream audio to your hearing aids wirelessly. Now you can stay connected at all times and never miss a word.

Most major brands like Widex, Coselgi, and Siemens Vibe carry hearing devices equipped with premium-level technology. You can ask one of our hearing consultants what level of hearing technology is right for you. They are committed to providing you with the right solution.


2.Mid-Range Level Hearing Aid Technology :

Mid-range hearing technology lies between the basic and premium levels. Mid range hearing aids have some features of basic and premium level hearing aids. Generally, these devices are mostly used to hear and speak clearly Provides clarity of speech.

Many of our hearing aid users choose mid-range hearing devices. Because it can provide all the main features and benefits that they look for in a hearing aid. The price per pair of medium-range hearing devices in Bangladesh is between Tk 35,000/- to Tk 99,000/-.

Mid-Range Level Hearing Aids Technology at a Glance :

  1. Midrange hearing devices are ideal for people who are active at work but spend most of their time in calm and quiet environments.
  2. Automatic noise suppression in all environments.
  3. Provides good speech clarity in any complex listening situation.
  4. Selects and picks up sounds from specific directions and focuses on amplifying them.

Advantages of mid-range level hearing aid technology :

If you’re someone who lives more in and out of a quiet environment, mid-range hearing technology will give you the convenience you need to live a happy and healthy life. Mid-level hearing aids are quite flexible devices. They have quite a few noise reduction features or systems, Which means the hearing aid is actively yours Anticipating the surrounding environment. And it determines how much noise to reduce based on the setting you’re in.

Basic Level Hearing Aid Technology :

Basic-level hearing aids are designed for people, Those who spend time most of the day at home or in a secluded place. Only if you talk serially and with people at a close distance then these devices are for you. Using this device you can expect good sound amplification and speech clarity, especially in the library, at your office desk, or in a quiet environment at home. From us, you can buy basic hearing aids as per your needs. The price of which starts from 3000/- taka and goes up to 49,000/- taka.

3.Basic Level Hearing Aids Technology at a Glance :

  1. It is great for those who lead a quiet life.
  2. Good overall hearing sound quality.
  3. Very good quality feedback management.
  4. Best Basic noise suppression.

What benefits can basic-level hearing technology provide for you ?

Do you watch TV with too much sound in your home? Does the sound of this TV go to the neighboring houses? Then your hearing problem.In this case, basic hearing technology can provide the performance you need to listen closely.
With this, you can watch your favorite TV shows with pleasure and keep up with the story with your loved one. Through this you will get a happy life.

In addition, in the basic device Intermittent feedback can be reduced and there is a well-functioning background noise reduction system, That way you can focus on what you want to hear.

If you think you need a pair of basic hearing aids. Then contact one of our hearing specialists to find out if this would be right for you. He can guide you in this regard.

Our goal is for people of all ages to be able to hear well As a result, they will be able to lead a better life. No matter what age you are, young or old. We have the best budget hearing solutions for people of all ages.

We have helped over 2,000 people hear again with our hearing aids. rehab hearing & speech center solve hearing problems and provide good quality hearing aids to hearing aid users. rehab hearing & speech center are the fastest growing hearing care company in the world.

Our hearing service delivery success rate is 98% across Bangladesh. So visit our hearing center today without delay. And buy the hearing aid of your choice. The cheapest Hearing Aid price in Bangladesh starts from Taka 3,000/-.


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